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Installation Instructions ( Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF file )
  • Please read the Safety Measures before installing your Jeeves Heated Towel Rail.
  • All installations should be in accordance with National and Local electrical codes.
  • The Heated Towel Rail should be installed by a certified electrician.
  • To ensure the Heated Towel Rail is mounted securely, fasteners for the left side tube assemblies (fig.1.a.) should be secured in studs, or structural members (e.g. headers) that are placed behind the rails, and fasteners for the right side must be installed, in structural members that are placed behind the rails to allow for proper mounting of the junction box.


Attach the 4 stainless steel tube assemblies (a) onto the unit as shown in Fig 1

Allow the set screw to face downwards.

Install and secure one slotted bolt (b) through the center of the white bushing, threading it onto the nut welded on the unit.


Decide where to install unit and the location of the single gang junction box.

This can be done by either placing the assembled rail against the wall or taking approximate dimensions from the drawing supplied.

Remember: Unit should not be mounted closer than 2 inches below an overhanging surface (i.e. shelf) and no closer than 1-1/4 inches above the floor and/or baseboard.


Install single gang junction box in the desired position.

Secure supplied cover plate onto box.

Place unit against wall with wire cover tube inserted in cover plate.

To achieve this, the cord needs to be fed through the slot at the end of the tube.

Make sure that the unit is mounted squarely.

Use a pencil to lightly mark the position of all four tubes.


Remove unit and center the marking disk in the circles marked on the wall in Step 3.

Place the tapered bushing (c) onto the center of the circles marked in Fig 3. and insert supplied screw through center of the tapered bushing and fasten to wall as in Fig 4.

If rail is installed on a tiled surface use a toggle bolt anchor.


Remove the cover plate and slide it to the back of the wire cover tube. Now place the unit over the tapered bushings installed in Step 4.

Securely hand-tighten each of the four set screws on the bottom of the tubes.

Remove wire from slot in the end of the horizontal tube.

Position the wire from the rail and the wire from the junction box to allow for connection. (Fig 5)

Splice the wires using the connectors provided and place them inside the junction box.

Cover the box with the plate and secure with screws provided.


The towel rails needs to be controlled by a on/off switch or a timer.
(Fig 6)

Make sure one is provided for at installation.

See wiring diagram below:


Types of Safety Measures
  1. Warning: States a hazard which may pose serious injury or death if exact installation instructions are not
  2. Caution: States a hazard which may pose minor injury and/or product damage if installation instructions
    are not followed.
  3. Note: Helpful information which will facilitate installation.
  1. Warnings
    1. These units should be installed by a certified electrician.
    2. Follow these installation instructions carefully to ensure unit is properly attached to the wall.
    3. To avoid a possible fire hazard, it is essential unit is mounted in accordance with guidelines stated in
      these instruction.
    4. Unit is intended for indoor use only.
    5. Do not place units inside a shower, sauna, steam room, or wherever unit would be exposed to water.
    6. Do not place unit where, if the mounting hardware were to loosen, it could potentially fall into water (i.e.,
      a bathtub, whirlpool, etc.)
    7. The unit must be installed in an upright position with the wire cover tube/junction box being positioned at
      the bottom.

  2. Cautions
    1. Ensure that unit is securely fixed to the wall. Unit is designed for drying towels. Under no circumstances
      should anybody climb on or hang on unit.
    2. The fasteners provided with the installation kit are for convenience only and are not suitable for all
      installation conditions it is the ultimate responsibility of the installer to ensure proper mounting
      hardware is employed in attaching the unit to the wall.
    3. Surface of unit is hot when on.

  3. Notes
    1. Towels which contain soap or detergent residue may appear to have scorch marks; however, this is
      simply discoloration of the residue in the towels themselves. The unit does not reach a temperature
      sufficient to scorch towels.
    2. Jeeves heated towel rails are constructed from 304 stainless steel. They are extremely durable. To
      maintain a good appearance follow these simple care instructions:
    3. For routine cleaning, simply switch off the unit, allow to cool to room temperature, wipe with a
      damp cloth and buff with a soft, dry cloth.
    4. Light scratches and blemishes may be removed by polishing the unit. Unit should be switched off
      and allowed to cool, before polishing with a commercially available metal polish.
    5. Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaners be used to clean the unit.

  4. Warranty
    Five year warranty, with proof of purchase, will apply if all Terms and Conditions of Sale
    are met and Installation Instructions are adhered to.

  5. Parts included with unit
    Allen wrench (1)
    Philips screws #8 x 2.5 (4)
    Brass Tapered Bushing (4)
    Slotted Bolts (4)
    Stainless Tube Assembly (4)
    Marking Disc (1)
    Cover plate (1)
    Screws for Cover plate (2)
    Wire Connectors suitable for 12-
    16 AWG wire (6)

    Installation Instructions ( Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF file )

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