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Med-Grip Non-Slip Grab Bar Cover

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Secure-GripMade in USA

Med-Grip Non-Slip Safety Covers Grab Bar Cover

Med-Grip is the manufacturer of the only non-slip cover for medical grab bars or handrails. Med-Grip is a necessity for those who want true safety. Grab bars get wet and slippery which can cause injuries. Med-Grip helps prevent accidents from hands slipping off of the grab bar. Med-Grip can be placed over textured grab bars/handrails that can be abrasive to hands. Here are some of the features of Med-Grip. Does not include grab bar. Simply zip it over your existing grab bar.


  • Tan


  • The most advanced non-slip material available: polyvinyl chloride impregnated woven polyester material
  • Double sided Non-Slip texture - Grip stays exactly where you place it on the handrail guaranteed!
  • Reduces Liability for establishments / public buildings (restaurants, community properties, hospitals, nursing homes, stairway handrails, handicapped ramps, including all residential patients that have an installed grab bar to maximize safety
  • Increases hand strength due to the coefficient of friction
  • Zips on over installed handrail (Easy to Install)
  • Snug fit to maximize grip
  • Makes HOT handrail safe to touch and makes COLD handrails comfortable to touch
  • Microbial Resistant
  • Maximizes safety even in wet conditions (If your handrail get wet, it makes a very slippery surface. With the installed Secure-Grip, you have a much more powerful grip allowing you to help prevent a slip & fall accident
  • Only covers where you need covered: Looks Sharp! (Especially on pool handrails)
  • Easy to clean - can be left on the handrail to clean with daily cleaner or is easy to unzip to machine wash
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Custom sizes available


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