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ADA Compliant Grab Bars
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AKW Medicare Grab Bars and Shower Seats

ADA Compliant Comfort Grip Heavy Duty Grab Bars, Padded Folding Shower Seats, Fold-Up Support Bars

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AKW Comfort Grip Heavy Duty Grab Bars

ADA Compliant 1-1/4" straight, 90°, 135°, alcove, and corner heavy duty grab bars with grooves and ridges
Sizes 12", 16", 18", 24", 32", 36", 42", 24" 90°, 18" 135°, Alcove Kit & Corner Kit

AKW Cranked 1 Diameter Grab Bars

1" diameter offset grab bars for additional assistance while passing through doorways, rising or sitting

AKW Fold Up Shower Seats

Deluxe and Economy padded folding shower seats with legs, with and without arms and backs

AKW Fold Up Support Bars

ADA Compliant 1-1/4" x 30" fold-up support bars with and without leg

AKW Newel Stairwell Grab Bar

1-1/4" x 30" grab bar designed for stairwells

AKW Padded Back Rest Grab Bar

1-3/8" padded grab bar for use behind toilet

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