BLOWOUT SALE Life Line Teak and Walnut Accent Grab Bars. While supplies last.
CLOSEOUT SALE! 30" Flip Up Grab Bars in White or Stainless Steel with Shur-Grip Finish.

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Bradley Grab Bars and Bathroom Accessories for Residential and Commercial Use

The industry's leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories.
ADA Compliant 1-1/2" straight, angled, 90°, wall-to-floor, straddle and custom shaped general purpose, toilet, bathtub, shower and security grab bars.
Combination units: soap and towel dispensers, toilet paper and waste disposal, mirror and towel dispensers, and sanitary napkin/tampon vending and disposal units.
Flat, fixed tilt and adjustable tilt mirrors. Mirrors with shelves, Security mirrors.
Bathroom accessories: towel and robe hooks, soap holders and dispensers, toilet paper holders and dispensers.
Baby changing stations, hand dryers, shower and bathtub seats, toilet cover dispensers.

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Bradley Baby Changing Stations

Recessed and Surface Mounted, Bacterial Resistant, 250lb ratings. High Density Polyethylene and Stainless Steel models. ADA Compliant.

Bradley Bed Pan Holders and Storage Cabinets

Recessed and surface mounted bedpan and bedpan & urinal storage cabinets

Bradley Combination Towel Dispensers & Waste Units

Combination Paper Towel Dispensers & Waste Receptacles

See also Hand Dryers, Towel Dispensers, and Waste Receptacles

Bradley Grab Bars for General and Toilet Use

ADA Compliant 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" general purpose and toilet / water closet grab bars.
Also see Bradley Grab Bars for Bathtubs , Bradley Grab Bars for Showers and Bradley Security Grab Bars

Bradley Hand Dryers

Surface mounted sensor activated and manually activated warm air hand dryers. See also Combination Towel Dispensers & Waste Receptacles and Towel Dispensers

Bradley Hat & Coat Racks

Surface mounted stainless steel 3 hook, 4 hook, 5 hook and 6 hook hat and coat racks

Bradley Medicine & Multi Purpose Cabinets

Recessed and surface mounted medicine cabinets, combination soap and towel dispensers, combination towel dispenser and mirror.

Bradley Mirrors and Mirrors with Shelves

ADA Compliant surface mounted flat, fixed tilt and adjustable tilt mirrors
See also Bradley Security Mirrors

Bradley Miscellaneous

Bathroom, Medical and Safety Accessories
Shower curtain rings, toothbrush holders, bottle openers, paper cup dispensers, needle disposal and corner guards

Bradley Robe, Clothes and Towel Hooks

Single and double towel and clothes hooks for standard and security applications

Bradley Seat Cover Dispensers

ADA Compliant recessed, surface mounted and partition mounted stainless steel toilet seat cover dispensers

Bradley Security Grab Bars

1-1/2" security grab bars for prisons, jails, psychiatric facilities or applications where security is a concern.
Also see Bradley Grab Bars (general), Bradley Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Bradley Grab Bars for Showers

Bradley Security Mirrors

ADA Compliant Plexiglas and polished stainless steel mirrors - chase and front mounted.
See also Mirrors and Mirrors with Shelves

Bradley Security Mount Toilet Tissue Holders & Dispensers

ADA Compliant front mounted, chase mounted and recessed mounted security roll and folded toilet paper holders and dispensers

Bradley Shelves & Security Shelves

Recessed and surface mounted stainless steel shelves with and without clothes hooks

Bradley Shower & Bathroom Seats

ADA Compliant free standing and wall mounted shower seats and benches

Bradley Soap Dishes & Soap Dispensers

ADA Compliant wall & deck mounted soap dishes and dispensers for liquid and powdered soap.

Bradley Stall Combination Units

ADA Compliant single and double stall combination toilet paper & waste receptacles, toilet paper & seat cover dispensers, and seat cover dispensers & waste receptacles. 

Bradley Toilet Paper Dispensers

Standard and controlled delivery single and multi-roll toilet paper dispensers

Bradley Towel Bars / Rings / Shelves

12" to 36" towel bars, 5" to 6" towel rings, and 18" & 24" towel shelves

Bradley Utility Shelves

Stainless steel utility shelves, utility shelves with mop/broom holders, and broom holders.

Bradley Waste Receptacles

In Deck, Recessed Mounted, Semi-Recessed Mounted, Surface Mounted and Free Standing Waste Receptacles

See also Combination Towel Dispensers & Waste Receptacles
For Feminine Hygiene product waste receptacle units, see Bradley Vendors & Disposables

Shower Curtain Rods & Ceiling Support Rods

1" and 1-1/4" straight and curved shower curtain rods, heavy duty shower curtain rods, and shower curtain rod supports.