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AKW 19
Product ID AKW-DS4030-WS

AKW 19" Folding Wood Slatted Shower Seat with Adjustable Legs

List Price: $425.00
You save $85.00
Price: $340.00
AKW Medicare

19" Folding Wood Slatted Shower Seat with Adjustable Legs


  • Stainless steel frame, legs, and mounting bracket
  • Rubberwood slats
  • Includes two sets of lower legs, each with holes to adjust height of seat
  • Rubber feet
  • One foot in each pair of legs has fine height adjustment feature
  • Seat swings to fold against wall
  • Color: polished stainless steel; tan wood slats
  • Weight: approximately 15 lbs.
  • Fasteners not included due to the vast variety of wall and blocking types and thicknesses
  • Supports up to 560 lbs. when properly installed (rating based on seated user; do not stand on seat)
  • Lower leg sections are adjustable in 3/4" increments; 10" range of height adjustment; install the lower leg set that achieves the desired seat height
  • Adjust height to suit user before mounting to wall
  • Maximum capacity 560 lbs. when installed properly


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Rubberwood is used to make the top of every wood slatted shower seat. It is a tree grown on plantations in Southeast Asia. The trees produce latex, which is used to make many rubber-based products. After a rubberwood tree ages more than 25 years or so its yield of latex diminishes to a point where it is no longer useful for that purpose. These trees are harvested and replaced with new rubberwood trees. Because it is a dense wood that is easy to kiln dry, shrinks very little and remains stable once dried, and offers great durability, rubberwood is used in a variety of kitchen, bathroom, and furniture goods. Since it serves these dual purposes, latex production followed by useful lumber with little waste, rubberwood is considered an eco-friendly material.

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