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Product ID: BIOBIDET-BB-200
Envie Bidet - WHITE Discounts Apply !
Envie Bidet -  WHITE

BioBidet BB-200

Requires no battery or electricity.  Comes with user-controlled warm water feature
and temperature control knob along with hot water by-pass function.

Simple and Easy operation and installation.
Available in White.

User-controlled warm water
Temperature control knob 
Adjustable pressure control
Self-cleaning nozzle
No electricity or battery needed

BB-200 features:

1.Nozzle Cleaning/Hot water by- pass.  
Cleans nozzle with high pressured water for enhanced hygiene with by-passing for hot water supply.

2.Temperature Control.
Water temperature also can be adjusted to the desired level from Lo to Hi.

3.Water Pressure Control.
Water pressure is adjustable to the desired level by switching from Lo to Hi adjustments

BioBidet BB-200

Proper way to use Envie BB-200 bidet.

1. Before using BB-200, open cold water by-pass till you feel warmth from toilet bowl.
       Envie BB-200 is equipped with convenient cold water by-pass that drains remained 
       cold water in hot water pipe for immediate warm water supply.  This will also clean
       nozzle with full water pressure for hygienic purpose.

   2. Adjust water temperature using control knob.

   3. Turn water pressure knob to increase water pressure.  Be sure to increase
       water pressure gradually.

   4. Do not use excessive water pressure.

   5. Constipation problem? Change water pressure low to medium rapidly.  This will 
       stimulate anal region to induce ....

   6. When finished, gently remove excessive water in tapping motion using toilet paper.
       No wiping.

   7.  Open cold water by-pass again for nozzle cleaning.


Does BB-200 require electricity?
- N o.  It is non-electric bidet using strictly water pressure.

Does BB-200 supply warm water?
- Yes.  BB-200 requires both hot and cold water connection.  Having hot water source at
   same side of toilet is suggested for safety purpose. 

Is a professional plumber recommended for installation?
- All offered Bio Bidet products are designed for D.I.Y. Installation is simple as 1,2,3
  requiring no special skill or tools at all. 

Is it going to fit my toilet?
- BB-50 is designed to fit most 2 piece toilets.  However, some restriction may apply to 1 
  piece toilets.  Please consult with one of professional sales reps. for detail.

How long does it take to deliver?
- Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground service.

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