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Product ID: BIOBIDET-BB-600
Ultimate bidet seat - WHITE ENLONGATED ONLY Discounts Apply !
Ultimate bidet seat -  WHITE ENLONGATED ONLY

BioBidet BB-600

BioBidet BB-600

Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Bidet Seat functions and images.

BB-600 Ultimate bidet seat offers full features and functions.  Convenient dual nozzle for feminine and posterior wash and built-in special motor adds aerated bubble into water stream for soft yet efficient cleansing.  

BB-600 adapted water tank with continuous water heating technology.  Unlike other water tank type bidet seat, it is design to maintain its water level even while in use.  Its heating mechanism almost instantly heats incoming water for continues warm water supply in extended time period yet, its maximum power consumption is less than 600 watts which is lower than some of water tank type bidet seat even without instant water heating elements.

BB-600 bidet seat also comes with "Auto" wash which designed to automatically run full bidet cycle including anterior, posterior, pulsating, oscillating, warm air dry for up to 60 seconds.  "Kid" mode is unique function exclusive to Ultimate bidet seat.  "Kid" function maintains extra soft gentle washing cycle for users not accustom to bidet seat such as youth and elderly in your family.

Ergonomic Design
State-Of-The-Art design
Aerated Water
Soft air bubble added water stream
Satisfying water stream
Soft mist water stream
Dual Nozzle
Convenient two nozzles
Auto wide clean
Manual wide clean
Self Clean
Hygienic auto self clean
Nozzle  Adjustment
Manually adjust nozzle position
Pulsated massage action to stimulate rectum to help bowel movement
Warm Water
Temperature can be adjusted in 4 levels
Pressure Control
Water pressure can be adjusted in 4 levels.
Designed to fit almost all toilets including 1 pc
Ultra-Sonic Weld
Tightest seal with special ultrasonic welding technology
Digital Sensor
Capacitance seat sensor
Built-In Filters
Built-In and External water filter as standard 
Large Water Tank
Continuous warm water supply upto 1 full minute
Warm Air Dry
Temperature controlled warm air dry
Heated Seat
Temperature controlled warm seat
Built-In Regulator
Built-In PCB regulator
Air Pump
Built-in air pump for softer and satisfying cleansing
Center Adapted Cord
Power cord is centered for better adaptability
Hydraulic Seat/Lid
Soft close seat and lid with specially designed dampers
Catch Plate
Catch plate type installation allows quick release for easier cleaning

BioBidet BB-600

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