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Healthcraft P.T. Rail Hinged
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Product ID HEALTHCRAFT-PT-Rail-Hinged

Unlike other bathroom safety rails, the PT Rail is designed with an innovative offset rail to avoid wrist strain when you’re sitting down or pulling yourself up from a seated position. The PT Rail is also easily stored; simply lift the rail until it is flush against your bathroom walls. Available in Left or Right, 28" or 32" lengths, and White Powder Coat or Stainless Steel finishes.

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Healthcraft P.T. Rail Angled
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Designed for additional support when going up and down 2-3 stairs, the PT Rail Angled mounts to the wall and can be lifted out of the way when not in use. It can be adjusted between 0 and 35 degrees to suit the angle of the stairs it’s mounted beside, is 32" in length, and supports up to 400lbs.

List Price: $344.00
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Price: $326.80
Healthcraft P.T. Rail Floor Mast
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The P.T. Rail Floor Mast is a floor mounted column that the P.T. Rail wall plate (both hinged & fixed models) can mount to.  Flip-Up Grab Bar Sold Separately

Floor Mast Only. Flip-Up Grab Bar Sold Separately.
Price: See price in product options
Healthcraft P.T. Rail Toilet Paper Holder

The Toilet Roll Holder is an add-on accessory for the P.T. Rail. It allows you to move your roll of toilet paper right onto the rail, reducing awkward reaching and eliminating the need for a conventional toilet roll holder.

List Price: $35.00
You save $1.75
Price: $33.25
Healthcraft Wood Wall Mount Plate for PT Rail

P.T. Rail Wall Mount Plate is a cost effective alternative to opening walls and creating structural reinforcements prior to mounting P.T. Rails.

List Price: $119.00
You save $5.95
Price: $113.05

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